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Is an online meeting scheduler between business to business at the exhibition›splace. The product itself is created to help the organizer sell the exhibition as they add a key benefit for the exhibitor as it could make them connect directly to their potential business. It will connect the exhibitor with the other exhibitor or a key business visitor, by just schedule a direct meeting with the key person that he needs from all the exhibitors and visitors list.
Is to save time, connect businesses under one arena.
To reach the exhibition and events arenas to a whole new experience.


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Research data shows that

B2B Arena brought the concept and applied on Saudi Market and Middle east, to be considered the best and only in the Market.
CEIR estimates that the trade-show industry will grow by 2.4 percent this year. By 2019, the news will be even better, with a projected growth rate of 3 %.
The increases will come in every area that CEIR tracks: net square feet, number of attendees, number of exhibitors, and total revenue.
The exhibitions industry’s performance traditionally follows the same path as Middle East GDP, which has looked promising throughout the beginning of 2018
47 % of the visitors at some exhibitions are not the targeted audience.
52 % of the main visitors couldn’t reach the key person during their visit in the exhibition.
57 % of the exhibitor didn’t open any new business during the exhibition.
96 %of the Exhibitors and Business targeted visitors are willing to use B2B ARENA.
100 % appealing of the B2B meetings concept to be applied in Saudi Arabia.
Added Values

Added Values

In the business environment, relationships are the key to success. It can be said that the success of a company is directly related to its level of notoriety. That’s because, business people should take advantage of every opportunity to make their pr ...
Besides new collaboration relationships, maintaining and developing the existing ones is very important. B2B Arena give participants the possibility to meet and communicate the professional progress made by each, new discoveries in the field of inter ...
The communication between potential business partners during a B2B Arena, besides the possibility of creating and developing a buying-selling relationship, it is an opportunity for business people to find out more about the offer which exists on the ...
Efficiency and Effectiveness
The demand on the market changes very quickly, which requires a continuous search for new professional relationships to satisfy the needs of the clients even better. B2B Arena absolves the clients and the suppliers of many time of searching. The proc ...